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UM-1 Thickness Gauge
UM-2 Thickness Gauge
UM-3 Thickness Gauge
UM-4 Thickness Gauge
UM-5 Thickness Gauge
PM-5 Thickness Gauge
LM100 Hardness Teste
LM300 Hardness Teste
LM500 Hardness Teste
DM3011 Densitometer
CM10 Coating Gauges
FM1000 Film Viewer
FM2000 Film Viewer
VM10 UV Flashlight
VM50 UV Flashlight

       As one of the professional manufactures and suppliers of NDT products in China. YUSHI own the independent intellectual property rights and honorably have the national patents for new products. Over 20 years’ NDT experience, we have a strong R&D team for technical support and extending new products year by year, we aim to provide our customers with reliable quality, high performance products, fast delivery, satisfactory service and competitive price.

       Our products including serious ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, coating thickness gauge, leeb hardness tester, UV Lamp, industrial LED X-ray film viewer, black-white densitometer, X-ray flaw detector and various related accessories.  [more]

Xi chairs leadership meeting on COVID-19 control,  2020-02-27
2018 Christmas 2018-12-26
Exhibition: The 17th QC China 2016-06-23
YUSHI New Product-LM500 2016-06-23
YUSHI New Products-PM-5 /PM-5DL 2016-06-23
YUSHI Happy Touring 2016-06-23
UM-5 Series A/B-Scan Ultrasoni
UM-5 Series A/B-Scan Ultrasoni 2019-06-22

Video Of  Ultrasonic Flaw Dete 2019-04-26

FM1000 LED X-Ray Film Viewer 2019-03-27

4 step calibraon block inch 2019-02-26

Add:No.9, Shenbei Road, Shenbei New District, Shenyang, China 110136

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