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   YUT2800 Series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
YUT2800 Flaw Detector
Product Name:  YUT2800 Series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Model:  YUT2800

Application::  Electric Power Industry, Petrochemical, Boiler Pressure Vessel, Steel Structure, Military Industry, Aerospace, Railway Transportation, Automobile, Machinery and other fields of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection.


Brief Introduction:  YUT2600 Series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector can quickly, accurately and without damage detect various of defects in the workpiece , such as Cracks, Welded Joint, Internal Porosity, Sand Holes, Inclusions, and Folding detection and location.

YUT2800 Flaw Detector

Main Features
►Rugged&durable housing: designed for harsh environment.
►Full screen: Entire screen is covered by echo display area.
►Mass Storage: 1000 datasets can be stored.
►Free from zero calibration, and substrate thickness can be measured through coating.
►Peak memory: capture peak signal amplitude.
►Automatic gain
►Language: Chinese, English
►Adjustable square wave

Product Details
YUT2800 Flaw Detector
YUT2800 Flaw Detector
YUT2800 Flaw Detector

Full Screen Display Function The echo display area covers the entire screen
Bulk Storage Up to 1000 data sets can be stored, including waveforms, curves and parameters, etc
Measuring Point Peak Mode or Front Mode
Echo-echo Method 

No need of zero calibration, the net thickness of the base material can be directly measured through the coating

Wave Crest Memory

Real time envelopes show the highest wave of the flaws and record the maximum value of the flaws, it is helpful to exact positioning and fast testing of the flaws

Automatic Gain Automatically adjust the gain to the preset amplitude height
Alarming Function Afferent echo/echo loss alarming
Solid Waveform The solid waveform can enchancing the waveform visual contrast so the omission will hardly happen during the fast testing
Real-time Clock Automatically record the date and time of the stored waveforms
Display Freezing

Catching the waveform and sound path data at any moment

Flaw Positioning Real-time displaying the sound path S, horizontal height X, depth Y, and wave height H
Flaw Quantify Real time display the dB difference value and sl quantitative value
Digital Inhibition 0-80%, increasing by 1%, not affecting the linearity and gain

Independent Measurement

2 independent measurement gates, monitoring the echo amplitude and the sound path distance

DAC/AVG Curve Functions

Perfect DAC curve functions enable the curves to change along with the changes of the gain, sound path, and displacement

Transverse Wave Testing Method

When using transverse wave to detect flaws, the depths of the second and third waves are automatically calculated according to the slab thickness

Pulse Generator with Changeable Width and Scope

The voltage of the pulse generator can be changed between 50V to 400V continuously,The width of the pulse can be change d between 25ns to 1000ns continuously


Changed among 4 levels: 33/50/100/500Ω

Wave Signal Filter Changed between 2 levels: 1-4MHz/0.5-15MHz
Repeating Frequency Changed freely to avoid unreal signal


Chinese and English
Data Communication

Communicating with the computer via RS232 interface to transfer the waveform and data

True Color TFT LCD
DAC Curve
AVG Curve
Φ Value Calculation
Distance Compensation
Changeable Squared Ultrasonic Pulse
Wide/Narrow Band Filters
Four Impedance Matching
Data Logger
UtView Software
 Standard Configuration
YUT2800 Flaw Detector

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