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   FM1000 LED X-Ray Film Viewer
FM1000 Film Viewer
Product Name:  FM1000 LED X-Ray Film Viewer
Model:  FM1000



Brief Introduction:  Ultra-bright: The liminance of FM1000 is more than 100000cd/m2. High uniformity: Even if adjust the brightness to the lowest, the surface without any bright spot or dark areas. More than 60,000 Hours lamp life ( Keep light source operating in the range of 70% of the effective power, and further prolonging lamp life.) Unlimited dimmer for LED: Adopt PWN to finalize 2%-100%. Cooling fans ensure the viewing areas does not get hot so there is no danger of damaging films. No warm-up time is required, quick start-up, very suitable for the need to frequently switch, and the frequency of start-up will not influence the life-time of LED. Good shock resistance. Unique wireless foot pedal.

FM1000 Film Viewer
Main Features

►Imported LED Beads with high brightness and long use
►140 LEDs offers an outstanding level of uniform Brightness
►Maximum Light lntensity:120,000cd/㎡or 350,000LUX
►Unlimited Dimmer 2%-100%
►Bearing Fans with high RPM and low noise
►8''*3''(200*60mm) generously large viewing area,Specially designed for weld flaw detection
►Innovative wirelessfoot switch design(Optional)
►Meets requirements of EN 25580:1992,ASTM E1390-90 and ISO 5580:1995

Product Details
FM1000 Film Viewer
FM1000 Film Viewer

Main Specification FM1000 FM2000
LED Quantity 140 280
Max. Light Intensity 100,000cd/m² 170,000cd/m²
Average Color Temperature 6500k 6500k
Viewing Area 200mm×60mm 220mm×75mm
Power Requirements 170-250VAC  50/60HZ 100-240VAC  50/60HZ
Power Consumption 50W 100W
Overall Dimension 456mm×142mm×68mm 456mm×154mm×68mm
Weight 3.2kg 3.5kg

Standard Configuration
Name Quantity
Main Unit 1
Power Cable 1
Foot Pedal with Cable 1
Spare Fuse 2
User Manual 1
Packing List 1
Warranty Card 1

Add:No.9, Shenbei Road, Shenbei New District, Shenyang, China 110136

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