UM-3 High Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Model: UM-3
Measuring Range: 0.3-20 mm
Resolution: 0.001 mm
Application Range: suitable for measuring flat and thin metal sheets

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In the year 2007, our company launched the handheld High Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UM-3 with a single crystal delay line probe. The 15 MHz single crystal delay probe is used to improve the accuracy by using multiple echoes, so that the resolution can reach to 0.001mm and the lower limit of measurement can down to 0.30mm. UM-3 has two working modes: normal and precision. The normal mode adopts the interface wave-echo method, and the measureing range is 1.5mm~20mm; the precision mode adopts the echo-echo method, and the measuring range is 0.30mm~10mm.

Performance of UM-3 Thickness Gauge

1、High Precision, 0.001mm Resolution

2、Suitable to measuring thin materials, and measure to 0.25mm flat metal sheet accurately       and reliablely

3、Through coating function, it can through like the skin of paint, and no need to polish the       paint on the material

Display Type

128×64 dot-matrix LCD screen with EL backlight

Operating Principle

interface wave-echo(Normal mode), echo-echo (Precision mode)

Measuring Range

Normal mode: 1.5mm to 20mm,
Precision mode: 0.3mm to 10mm

Unit and Display Resolution

Mm -0.0010.010.1  inch -0.00010.0010.01

Probe Zero Calibration

1-Point Calibration 2-Point Calibration

Measuring Error

±0.005mm(less than 3mm)
±0.05mm(less than 20mm)

Update Rate

The normal measurements of 4Hz, minimum value scanning of 25Hz

Velocity Range

1000 to 9999 m/s(0.0394 to 0.3937 in/μs)

Memory Function

500 readings can be stored in 5 groups

Velocity Storage

Total 5 different materials velocities can be stored.


English and Chinese


Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries(Warning with low battery voltage)

Operating Time

Up to 200 hours with alkaline batteries(without backlight)

Instrument Shut-Off

AUTO OFF after 5 minutes of inactivity

Operating Temperature

-10℃ to +50℃, -20℃ in special requirements


149mm×73mm×32mm (H×W×D)


200g(Include batteries

Standard Configuration

UM-3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Probe, Instrument Case,Two batteries, coupling agent ,Operating Manual, Certification, Packing List


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